Welcome to viaEuropa from Europa Technologies

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viaEuropa is an online service from Europa Technologies for the delivery of high quality digital maps direct to your application. viaEuropa bridges the chasm between raw data delivery and a finished map product ready for deployment, making it ideal for any organisation needing to deliver location intelligent applications whilst saving time, saving money and improving customer service.More

Wide Range of Digital Maps

Global to local, and everything inbetween

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viaEuropa is compatible with virtually any source of digital map data. The service already includes global map data from Europa Technologies and a range of products from Ordnance Survey® including OS OpenData™, with support for OS VectorMap® Local and OS MasterMap®. It can even be fused with your own map data to create a stunning and fully bespoke base map. More

Broad Platform Support

Works seamlessly with your existing applications

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viaEuropa uses a standards-based approach to deliver digital maps to many different applications and APIs across desktop, web and mobile platforms. These include Bing, ESRI, Google, MapInfo, OpenLayers, Oracle and OS OpenSpace®. More

Choice of Service Levels

Pick the one that's right for you and upgrade anytime

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There is a viaEuropa service available for everyone, from public sector and non-commercial users through to private sector businesses; for individual desktop users, departmental intranets and public web mapping applications. Try the FREE viaEuropa Open service for as long as you like!More

New viaEuropa Bespoke service on G-Cloud 5

The new viaEuropa Bespoke map service is now available through the UK Government's G-Cloud 5 framework.